Why I sleep better, thanks to my Kindle!

If you are like me, then you probably went through a phase where you used to read a book a day, which eventually fizzled into a phase, where you can barely finish a book in a year. 

Our lives get busier and busier and it becomes just too hard to sit in a place and read a book, while sipping some tea.

For me one of the biggest issues were that, I would start a few books at once. And most of the time, when I’m in a reading mood, I’m carrying the wrong book.

So naturally I thought of giving the Amazon Kindle e-reader a try, and it was truly life changing.


1. So small, yet so vast!

The kindle only weighs about a third of a traditional book. But it can hold thousands of them. So I was able to switch between books, whenever I wanted. It can change the font size, brightness and even play audio books. All of a sudden, I have a much more convenient way of reading.

2. The Screen

You might think, “why would I need a Kindle, if I have a phone or an iPad”. But the biggest attraction of the Kindle for me was the screen. It’s not your traditional light up display. It uses e-ink. Ink molecules are charged positively and negatively to produce black or white colours. Which means, that when a page is loaded, you kindle takes little to no energy, to keep the display on. 

In simpler terms, Kindle screen is just like a paper from a book. The reading experience is much enjoyable when your eyes dont hurt from the light of the screen.

This translated into something that I did not initially expect.

3. I Sleep better now

I used to read on my phone and go to sleep. As all the researchers say, it’s harder to fall asleep when you’ve been using your phone right before sleep. But I made a small change in my daily routine, to read my Kindle before going to sleep and I noticed a drastic difference in how long it takes me to fall asleep. I know it sounds like I’m reading a boring book, but I’m certain that was not the case.

Kindle works without any backlight. Which means my eyes are not strained right before I go to sleep.

But keep in mind, in order for the Kindle to be better for your eyes, always try and read without the back light. 

4. The Battery

I think i charge my kindle one or twice a month, at most. There’s nothing much to say about the battery than that. It’s just perfect.

5. Drag and drop any .pdf

You can simply just plug the kindle, and drag any pdf to its storage and read it in the Kindle. You are not limited to a marketplace or an app store, so you can simply read anything with text, in the Kindle.

6. Samples

Kindle lets you download samples of books before you purchase them. So you can easily take that book on a test drive before you spend any money on it. 

Overall, I rank the Kindle as one of the top 5 tech gadgets I’ve ever used. Simply because how it helps you cultivate good habits. Now I’m almost back to my old reading streak and sleep better in the process as well.

If you are interested in buying a Kindle for yourself, follow this link.

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