Stay Home, Order Online!

It’s not news that COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lifestyle of all of us. And we at Urban has taken measure to ensure the safety of our team members and our valued customers, while making sure you get your orders delivered as quickly as possible. However, please note that during lockdowns, there might be delays in your order. This will be communicated to you by our team.


As an online store, our Website, hotline, chat and email support are fully functional. Our own delivery agents and courier partners are functional except for areas that are isolated. When lockdown is in place, we will not be delivering any item after 6pm.

However, please note that our Showroom will be closed till the pandemic is under control.

  1. Most of our staff is currently working from home.
  2. Team members who are working on arranging deliveries are provided with PPE such as hand sanitizer, masks and gloves.
  3. In the office, we make sure we keep a social distance and use hand sanitizer frequently.
  4. Your Packages and boxes are sanitized before dispatching.

It’s of paramount importance that we try to contain COVID-19 as soon as possible, and we recommend regularly keeping updated with information provided by your doctors, government officials and WHO. Make sure to wear a mask in public spaces, wash and sanitize your hands regularly.


With your safety in mind, we have made a few changes to our policies during the pandemic. 

1. Cash on delivery will be limited. (Depending on the level Covid-19 community spread in the country, cash on delivery option will be disabled)

2. Fashion items cannot be returned.

3. Given the unforeseen nature of lockdowns, some orders may get delayed, in which case we will inform you well in advance. 

4. A refund will be applicable for orders that are delayed more that 5 working days.

Stay Safe 

Team Urban

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