Productivity in the time of Corona


Welcome to the new reality. We’ve been stuck inside for about three weeks now (or has it been a month? I don’t know anymore)and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting out any time soon. It’s time we adjusted to this new normal and try to make the best of it.

I’ve been seeing posts saying if you don’t come out of this quarantine period without a new skill or a side hustle started you’re basically a failure and another set of posts condemning those earlier posts saying we’re all going through a global pandemic so it’s completely alright if you do nothing because we’re all anxious.

I think some middle ground would be nice here. Come on, it’s not that practical to come out of this with a side hustle started, that’s extreme. But it’s also impossible to come out of this with no new knowledge.

If you’re reading this I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that you’re someone privileged enough to have a comfortable house to be stuck in, with internet and enough and more entertainment options, with a job that pays you for working from home or enough money to survive and with enough food to sustain you (even if you had to wake up at 5:30 to place orders) and going by that I’d say you have much less to worry about than most people.

Of course none of the above means you’re not going to be worried. Maybe you have family in a highly affected country or maybe you’re just a sensitive human being which is completely valid and you’re totally allowed to be anxious. And everything being monotonous and not being able to step out could even make you depressed. I understand all that, but if we want to feel better we have to take responsibility for our well-being.

If you need excuses there is plenty right now. But if you want to feel better there’s also plenty of ways to do that and it doesn’t have to be as excessive as starting a side hustle. (Seriously, I’m still laughing about that one)

What you need to realize is learning something new doesn’t have to be stressful, and chances are by this point you already have. How many of us have already prepared at least a very simple meal at home? Having no Uber eats and refusing to eat rice and curry every single day would do that to you. That’s my point, it’s that simple. Just make a French toast or make Maggi with a twist, start somewhere. Or Dalgona coffee! The hottest trend. A good place to start as long as you use an electric beater instead of a hand whisk. Trust me on that. Google easy recipes. It helps to have something you want to make in mind when googling. Eg: My oven is broken so I wanted to see if there was a way to make Pizza in a microwave and came across this recipe. (

And you can always change the ingredients based on what you have at home.

There are also so many online platforms that have made their courses free for this period of time, you can easily gain a lot of valuable knowledge that way. I’m going to link some lists below for you to pick from if interested.

Or if you don’t want to spend that much energy (which is completely understandable) find an informative YouTube channel, and watch those videos and voila! you know some cool new stuff now! I’m going to link a few cool and interesting YouTube channels below but this is very subjective. Please feel free to search up stuff you want to learn and find new channels and maybe even let me know too! 

You could also take up gardening. I’m not a plant person myself but I know a lot of people who finds happiness in that so try it out, maybe you’re one of those people too! Here’s an article by my friend to get you started on that!

Making this stay at home time period productive doesn’t have to be stressful and chances are you’re already productive without realizing it. Just build on that and take it as slow as you need cause this is a good break from the mad rat race as well. There is so much more you can do than what I’ve spoken about here. Start up something you’ve been putting aside for a while (side eyes myself) or read the unread book pile begging to be read (side eyes myself again) or binge on documentaries or literally anything you think that will make you feel like you’re being productive and gaining even the slightest bit of new knowledge. This is the best time to do so without the scrutiny and judgement of other people (except maybe your mother but you can never escape her no) so you can let go of your fear of failure and just dive in! What are some of the simple ways you’re using this time productively?

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